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Everything for school – a creative start with folia®

It is almost that time of year again, and the first school day is just around the corner for our little beginners. An exciting experience for both children and parents! At folia®, we offer a variety of creative products for this day and for subsequent school life.

Papers in certified quality

There is a lot of handicraft involved in everyday school life in order to encourage creativity. In this way the children become accustomed to paper as a material at an early stage in their lessons. Our papers are certified according to various quality standards and comply with the criteria according to FSC, PEFC, LGA or Der Blaue Engel (German Blue Angel ecological certification). For the first day at school, we recommend transparent paper, coloured paper, glossy paper, coloured card and photo card.

You can find more information regarding our various papers here – please click!

A school cone as the highlight of the day

The first day at a German school without a school cone? Unthinkable! The standards have greatly increased over the past years: New, fresh designs and creative solutions have to be developed in order to reach the end consumer. We have adopted various motifs in our school cone range, such as owls, fairies, unicorns, footballers, pirates and racing cars, and therefore cover a wide spectrum of tastes. School cones by folia® - there is something for everyone here!

You can find more information regarding our school cones here – please click!

Playfully learning numbers, letters and the time

We offer creative sticker solutions for the first day at school and the subsequent school days, using which little ones can playfully learn numbers and letters. The advantage is that the children become creative and simultaneously learn something. The stickers can be stuck to exercise books, folders, rulers, school bags and lots more.

You can find more information regarding our stickers here – please click!

A further fantastic subject at the start of a school career can be easily covered with our teaching clock. The teaching clock is blank white in colour and can be decorated with stickers or painted, for example. The teaching clock comprises of strong and sturdy cardboard and is equipped with a base and replacement pointers. Furthermore, after completion it can be fitted with a clock mechanism for continued use.

You can find more information regarding our teaching clock and the on-trend topic of colouring in here – please click!

Everything from one source – our handicrafts paper box

At folia®, we are always at the forefront of developments regarding the creation of coordinated set solutions is concerned, and this also holds true for our “all-year round” (Ganzjahr) handicraft paper box. In this box, our little handicraft enthusiasts will find everything they need to be creative: Detailed handicraft instructions, coloured paper, coloured card, rainbow photo cardboard, braiding strips, hinged clips, wobbly eyes, chenille wire, E-corrugated cardboard, 3D corrugated cardboard, stamping foil and paper for folding. In total, the box comprises of 110 pieces.

You can find more information regarding our handicrafts box here – please click!

Basic equipment, craft supplies

For handicraft lessons in school, we always need two absolute basics: Scissors and handicraft glue. The handicraft glue is available as a stick, which has been awarded a “Very Good” by ÖKO-TEST, or as a liquid. With our wide selection of various scissors, we also comprehensively cover this area: Contour scissors (from wave cut, toothed wheel cut, shark cut to zig-zag cut), children’s handicraft scissors or silhouette scissors. There is something for every requirement at folia®.

You can find more information regarding our scissors and handicraft glue here – please click!