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O’zapft is! (Tapped!) Creative handcraft articles for the Oktoberfest

Every year, the world’s largest Volksfest (fair) takes place in Munich, and millions of visitors from all over the world besiege the beer tents. Today, we are presenting you with selected products concerning the topic of the Oktoberfest and matching decorations. Each year, there is lots of hype around the Oktoberfest, and you can provide your customers with a wonderful selection using our articles for this event.

The handcraft trends Alpine Charm and washi tape

We are continuously developing coherent and creative handcraft sets which are compiled thematically and according to the season – just like our range for the Oktoberfest. With our handcraft trend “Alpine Charm”, we provide a 40-piece set comprising tinted paper, tinted card, motif boards, handcraft felt, e-wave corrugated board, embroidery yarns, foamcraft sheets, tapes, wooden buttons, wooden clips and comprehensive handcraft instructions.

Here we have yet more creative decoration examples which you can make with our set:
Alpine-style clock
Recipe cards
Traditional costume cards
Oktoberfest decoration ideas

Our wide selection of washi tapes provides many decoration possibilities. We recommend the motifs light-blue dots, red hearts, blue stripes and red to match the Oktoberfest!

Blackboard foil, blackboard foil labels and chalk markers

Our blackboard foil products create a beer garden-atmosphere in your home garden. The blackboard foil can be thematically inscribed using our chalk markers with drinks menus or amusing sayings, for example. The blackboard foil is available in two different formats: 23x33 cm (5 sheets) or as a roll in 45x200 cm and including ten pieces of chalk. We also provide blackboard foil labels corresponding to the topic. These are supplied with an soapstone pen and come in three different shapes.

Motif boards and motif pads

High-quality handcraft work succeeds best with high-quality materials – therefore we recommend our motif boards and motif pads to you. For the Oktoberfest, we offer in particular the motif boards Dots and Diamonds, small (50x70 cm) and our new motif pad Basic Intensive (24x34 cm).

Possibilities made from artificial leather

Creating your own jewellery to match your Oktoberfest outfit need not be an arduous task. With our artificial leather tapes, many different pieces of jewellery can be created which perfectly match your character and outfit. We have created an instruction video which explains about our artificial leather tapes and their application in more detail.

Our artificial leather is also new. Creative sewing work in particular can be refined and upgraded using artificial leather. However, it is also suitable for affixing to bags or decorative articles. In total, there are five different trendy colours/designs in each package for maximum creativity (small package with five sheets in 17x27 cm and large package with 5 sheets in 50x68 cm).

Velvet and paper trims

Home decorations or (greetings/invitation) cards can be wonderfully decorated using our velour and paper trims according to the respective theme. Easy handling and a length of one metre per roll allows diverse application within your own four walls.

Fabric ribbons and decorative cords

Our fabric ribbons and decorative cords provide a further possibility to bring an Oktoberfest atmosphere into your home. The fabric ribbons (5.5m total length) are colour-coordinated and available in different designs. The decorative cords always feature five colour-coordinated yarns (4m total length) in one package. This enables versatile application for many creative projects.

Tissue paper – a classic

We provide tissue paper in numerous different colours –also matching the Oktoberfest theme. Your benefit is that you can purchase our tissue paper in different packaging sizes - we can supply you with everything from 5 to 520-sheet packages.