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Spring is here!

We provide a multitude of products which fit to every season, totalling around 6,000 items. In today’s newsletter, we would like to present you and your customers with a creative selection to leave you optimally prepared to start the spring with folia®.

Fresh motifs – new stamp sets

We have launched a total of eight new stamp sets onto the market. Discover our different designs, stamp sizes and stamp colours! For spring, our Summer, Unicorn and Lettering sets are particularly appropriate. You will find various stamps of assorted sizes in each set, and two ink pads in two different colours.
A further major advantage of our stamp sets is their sustainability factor. Here we rely on our FSC certification and create qualitive added value for you and your customers with our products.

Mobile sets – creativity from an early age

Mobile sets are real fun for the littlest ones. They provide continuous movement, and there is much to discover. We already have several sets on offer in various designs, and now we have extended this selection with our Zauberwald (Magic Forest), Tierwelt (Animal World) and Fahrzeuge (Vehicles) designs. Each set comprises of 14 parts, and you can start making them immediately.
Click here and here for further mobile sets.

Dreamcatcher sets as home decoration

Dreamcatchers as (home) decoration are an exciting and particularly trendy topic. With our two new dreamcatchers, we provide an extensive set solution with all the individual parts you need. The two sets Girly and Ethno are colour-coordinated, and besides detailed instructions with all the tips and tricks, a YouTube video is also available which can be played via the QR code in the instructions.

Handicraft spring season set featuring trendy materials

We are renowned on the market for our intelligent set solutions, and our product development has compiled a handicraft set also especially for the spring. The set comprises of 88 parts and contains tinted paper, tinted card, motif card, transparent paper, corrugated card, gift baskets, brass fasteners, ribbons, fibre silk, relief stickers, decorative stones and detailed instructions with creative tips. You can find more information here – please click!

Small gifts, beautifully packaged – our gift basket set

In this set, there are a total of nine baskets in various sizes with and without handles, printed with colourful and spring-like motifs. The simple plug-in connection system is easy to assemble without glue. You can find more information here – please click!

Handicraft paper box All-year round – 110 parts

In our range, you will find creative handicraft sets which contain everything you need to get started on your handicraft projects. This includes our handicraft paper box, and in particular our All-year round set. With 110 parts and instructions for handicraft tips, this box is equipped with everything to make the handicraft enthusiast’s heart beat faster! In the box, you will find tinted paper, tinted card, rainbow photo card, braiding strips, hinged clips, wobbly eyes, chenille wire, corrugated card, D-corrugated card, embossing foil and origami papers. You can find more information about our handicraft paper box here – please click!

3D pop-up cards – Romantic and Spring

These pop-up cards are handicraft sets and comprise of two high-quality illustrated 3D pop-up cards with glitter applications. With our designs Romantic and Spring, we provide you with wonderful creative products for spring and romantic greetings. You can find more information about our pop-up cards here – please click!