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The trend topic of hand lettering – be well-equipped with folia®!

Hand lettering, which basically means “beautiful handwriting” is currently an absolute trend and has become an essential component in the creative sector. And no wonder, as design/writing permits more individual creativity than any other craft. The added value is obvious, and stands out due to its unfamiliar beauty – especially in our fast-paced and digital era. In today’s Newsletter, you can find out which folia® items you can use to extend and adapt your product range.

Photo cardboard as a basis

folia® represents top-class know-how in the paper sector. Paper is one of our core competences, and you can rely on our quality here in the field of hand lettering. Above all our photo cardboard is more than suitable for this creative topic, as it is possible to use many different lettering tools such as fibre pens and chalk pens on the smooth cardboard surface. We have very different colour shades in our range of products, but recommend, in particular, for hand lettering the lighter colour shades, as the creative added value of this technique is then revealed most clearly.

For more information on our papers in our current complete catalogue – please click!

Aquarelle pads and sketchpads


In addition to our photo cardboard as a basis, we also offer suitable aquarelle pads and sketchpads for hand lettering purposes. These have been selected from our product range especially for this topic, as they are highly suitable for fulfilling high hand lettering standards. The aquarelle pad with its rough surface is available in various sizes (18x24cm, 24x32cm, 30x40cm, 36x48cm). You can obtain the sketchpad in two sizes, DIN A3 and DIN A4, each with 50 sheets.

You can find more information here – please click.

Chalk pens


Our new chalk pens write on blackboards, blackboard films, windows, porcelain, paper and other smooth surfaces, and are therefore also ideal for hand lettering. The chalk pens are water-soluble. We offer 12 pens in different trend colours in each package.

Dual-tip fibre pens


Be twice as creative with our fibre pens, as the thick pen tip is ideal for larger areas, but when you require fine and filigree writing, simply turn over the pen and continue to write using the fine tip! This makes our fibre pen an ideal companion when hand lettering.

Please click here for more information on our fibre pen.

Stamp sets - Handmade and Lettering


An attractive theme which fits well with hand lettering, are our new stamp sets. We would like to introduce you to two of our sets in particular: Handmade and Lettering. These little sets are FSC®-certified, and you will find two stamp pads in different colours in each package, together with many great motifs.

Discover more about our stamp sets in the new catalogue – please click here!

Blackboard film and chalk markers


Another surface not usually thought of in conjunction with hand lettering is our blackboard film. It is possible to achieve just as great and creative results as on paper or on our pads, on this film using our chalk markers. Above all our new chalk marker sets with different line widths are valuable assistants for hand lettering.