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Clever, smart und creative – back to school with folia®

To ensure your child has a really good start back at school after the holidays, you can help them prepare while they are still off school. We, the folia® team, have put together various creative items that will guarantee them a good start, and would like to introduce them to you in today’s newsletter. Happy reading!

School gift cone craft sets

Having a child experience their first day of school without a gift cone is unthinkable! We had already supplemented our wide range of accessories and blank gift cone sheets with a selection of great craft sets, and this has now been expanded with the addition of craft sets bearing the hugely popular mermaid and dinosaur motifs. Each set contains motif sheets, a blank cone sheet, glitter card, photo-mounting card, crêpe paper, pipe cleaners, 3D adhesive pads and detailed instructions in eight languages. As a result, they enable fantastic gift cones to be made in next to no time, and both children and adults will enjoy the success of creating something that looks great yet is put together so quickly and so easily.

Washi tapes


Our washi tapes offer children the opportunity to give everyday school items their own trendy and unique look. Easy to tear by hand, they can be used to add creative decorations and individual designs to exercise books, other books, rulers, pens, pencils and many other items.

Paper and photo-mounting card pads


Our pads of paper and photo-mounting cards are also basic necessities when it comes to card and paper. They are sorted into various trend colours and can be used in creative craft lessons at school among other things. The pads are available in A3, A4 and 22cm x 33cm.

Transparent and glossy paper pads


We offer a useful addition to our paper and photo-mounting card pads in the form of transparent paper and glossy paper pads in the size 24cm x 34cm. They include 10 and 12 colours respectively. The fact that the transparent paper is slightly see-through enables it to create some delightful effects using light, while the glossy paper will stick to other surfaces once its gummed back has been moistened. These products can therefore be used in all sorts of ways, such as making mosaics or kites.



We offer a wide selection of portfolios in different sizes and designs. Whether you opt for a variety of colours, stick to one colour or go for creative motifs, you can be sure they’ll keep your child’s little masterpieces in the best possible condition.

Glitter glue and folia® glue stick


Gluing is another in integral part of craft lessons. Your young artist can add extra decorations and beauty in a variety of colours to creative projects with our glitter glue, which comes in packs of six or ten. Our glue stick, which is solvent-free and can be washed out of clothing, is also a great all-rounder and is perfect for the most popular craft materials such as paper, card, photos, felt and fabric.

Felt-tip pens and colouring


With our felt-tip pens, we offer soon-to-be pupils pens that have two different ends. The thin end is suitable for intricate, detailed work, while the thick end is great for colouring large areas. Each pack contains 10 pens in 10 different colours.

Blackboard film roll and accessories


This blackboard film gives children about to start their first year of school an opportunity to practise standing in front of a class. The self-adhesive film comes as a 45cm x 200cm roll with ten pieces of chalk included and is also available as a pack of five 22cm x 33cm sheets. It can be drawn and written on with our chalk markers and our regular chalk, and is simply wiped clean using a damp cloth. It can therefore be used by both children and parents as a weekly planner or an exercise board, for example.