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Valentine's Day and Carnival in 2017

February of 2017 has come around again and it is associated with creative surprises: especially those two special highlights at home which are Valentine's day and Carnival. We would like to show you today how you can optimally prepare for both events.

Valentine's Day: a heart-felt gift

"Love is the poetry of the senses" was how the French novelist Honoré de Balzac put it in a nutshell and Valentine's Day is naturally a really special day of the year for expressly that feeling. A small gift or an individual surprise is often enough to bestow great joy. We would like to show you today by means of our articles how easy it is to combine our various products into a successful gift on Valentine's Day.

To begin with, the card with personal words cannot be missing. One can ideally use our specially designed 'Aerial dance' card for the greeting on Valentine's Day and then decorate it with the 'Romantic' adhesive stamps. Matching envelopes are always included with the cards. The card is subsequently decorated with a 'pastel decorative cord' and then it is ready for the personal greeting.

What about some flowers? Does there always have to be a bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day? Certainly not because our assortment includes a set of 21 pieces of paper flowers made from floral crepe paper. One can design five preferred flowers oneself in this case and the successful handicraft work will be achieved quickly, thanks to the detailed instructions. These flowers on Valentine's Day are something different from folia®.

Hello, hurray, it's time for Carnival
The so-called fifth season, or rather the Carnival, is already casting its shadow in advance. People will be shouting "Hello, hurray" loudly at the end of February and the revellers will be on the loose again. We are already throwing those 'chestnuts' at you today which you need in order to ideally prepare for the Carnival with articles from folia®.

Our stencils for painting one's own mask must not be lacking for the Carnival of course. You can find all of the familiar designs like a dog, cat, horse, elephant, hare, dragon, sheriff, cowboy, cowgirl, pirate, Indian and many more characters in our sets. The assortment has just been widened by two the new characters of a scary clown and outer space.

Photographs make and remain the lasting impressions of a party and that can be so easy to do! Our set of accessories for photos of the party comprises 25 pre-embossed and printed motives made from cardboard and it includes 25 wooden sticks and adhesive points. Everyone can choose the suitable motive and fun is guaranteed!

Our fleecy feathers and Indian feathers are also articles that are popular for parties and decoration: they can be used as decoration in the home or as accessories for the carnival costume.

Creative world of 2017: arrange a date now

The countdown has begun to our most important trade fair in January 2017, which is the Creative World. It will not take much longer until the lorry that carries our trade-fair stand is travelling again from our yard towards Frankfurt. We would be delighted to invite you to visit us at the trade fair.

Please arrange a date with us and be our guest on our trade-fair stand in Hall 4.1 E60 from 28th to 31st January 2017. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The 2nd catalogue of innovations in 2016 is available online now
We have already uploaded a further catalogue of innovations onto our home page in advance of the Creative World. You can also call up this catalogue online from here now: please click! Immerse yourself in our colourful world of handicrafts and learn about the creative innovations directly.