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Stretch’n’Roll from folia® – creative braiding and knotting – intelligent set solutions and colourful selection

With Stretch’n’Roll®, you can effortlessly design wonderful bracelets and necklaces yourself. Combine our different coloured bands, beads and charms and create an individual world of jewellery for every taste – whether cheerfully playful or stylishly elegant – folia® offers you a wide selection which leaves nothing to be desired.

How does Stretch’n’Roll® work?

In the twinkling of an eye, the flat Stretch’n’Roll® bands can be transformed into three-dimensional pieces of jewellery. To do this, you just have to pull at both ends, so that the band rolls, allowing you to admire the magical Stretch’n’Roll® effect. The bracelets or necklaces created in this way can be adorned with charms and beads as you desire or combined with one another – there are no limits to your creativity.


What does Stretch’n’Roll® have to offer?

The colourful Stretch’n’Roll® bands are available in seven different trendy colour combinations. These each include 2 monochrome and 1 patterned band, each of 1 metre in length. The colour-coordinated trend themes are called: Capri, London, Sunshine, Crazy Pink, Green Apple, Apricot and Wild Style. You can use the bands individually or combine them harmoniously.


To decorate and adorn the created Stretch’n’Roll® bands, we offer five jewellery accessory sets of beads and charms. Each contains four beads and one charm for hanging or threading on the band. The themes: Moustache, Rose gold, Peace, Feather and Owl.


As a souvenir, gift or quick jewellery idea, we also stock the five combined jewellery sets: Nature, Jamaica, Dragonfly, Infinity and Ocean. Each contains one Stretch’n’Roll® band, two beads and one charm – perfect for the production of a necklace and/or a bracelet suitable for the respective cool or elegant trend theme.