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Brico-news (uniquement en anglais)

Les dernières actualités et rapports concernant folia®

Découvrez les derniers communiqués de presse, rapports et toutes les nouveautés concernant folia® et le secteur des loisirs créatifs.

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13. March 2019
Trend colours in pastel shades – new products from folia®

Have you already discovered our attractive pastel collection? Pastel shades and fresh colours are right on trend. The soft, yet warm shades of colour are now an indispensable part of the creative sector. Find out more about our latest products today. Read more

19. February 2019
Easter with folia®

Creative packaging and gift giving are a part of Easter, just like the Easter Bunny or the colourfully painted Easter eggs. Today, we want to present to you a little gift or decorative idea- the perfect way to get in the mood for Easter. Read more

07. November 2018
Christmas 2018 – give more joy with folia®

the final sprint to Christmas has commenced, and soon one of the most creative and lovely times of the year will begin. Discover the essentials for your Christmas range today. Some of these items are brand new innovations, and were only recently introduced at the Insights-X in Nuremberg at the beginning of October 2018. Read more

15. October 2018
Insights-X 2018 – A successful trade fair with many innovations by folia®

From 04.-06.10.2018, we were once again represented at the specialist trade fair Insights-X in Nuremberg. This trade fair repeatedly acts as a great platform in order for us to conduct dialogues with interested parties, customers, bloggers and press representatives. The Insights-X is increasingly improving as a platform for the entire creative market, and offers numerous possibilities for professional exchanges. In the end, everyone profits from this, as such trade fairs are ideal for us to initiate creative impulses for the entire branch. Read more

03. September 2018
Seal set and sealing wax

To decorate a gift, to make a voucher look more attractive, to make a letter more attractive or simply to add the finishing touches to packaging idea – you can do all this and more with our new seal set. Read our latest newsletter for the versatile uses and applications of our new product! Read more

01. August 2018
Chalk pens by folia®

Whether on windows, blackboards or porcelain – drawing and writing in handlettering style is becoming increasingly popular. To match this trend, we are offering an additional product to our already highly-successful chalk markers – our chalk pens. Read in today’s Newsletter what makes our chalk pens so special and sets them apart from the rest. Read more

12. July 2018
Paper bags – colourful diversity by folia®

The topic of packaging and gifting homemade articles is currently right on trend. People don’t want off-the-peg articles, but rather wish to display their individuality. Today in our Newsletter we will show you our range of paper bags which are essential for your range when picking up on this trend. Read more

05. June 2018
Pompoms by folia® - a fluffy fashion trend

Pompoms are conquering the DIY, creative and fashion world. You’ll find these little accessories in more and more areas of your daily life: fashion, interior design, jewellery or designs; the possibilities are endless! Whether as a home decoration, a charm to decorate a bag, necklace or garland, this is just the start of the trend! And there’s some good news for all of you who have fallen in love with these colourful, squashy balls; folia® has all you could wish for! Read more

17. April 2018
Clever, smart und creative – back to school with folia®

To ensure your child has a really good start back at school after the holidays, you can help them prepare while they are still off school. We, the folia® team, have put together various creative items that will guarantee them a good start, and would like to introduce them to you in today’s newsletter. Happy reading! Read more

13. February 2018
The trend topic of hand lettering – be well-equipped with folia®!

Hand lettering, which basically means “beautiful handwriting” is currently an absolute trend and has become an essential component in the creative sector. And no wonder, as design/writing permits more individual creativity than any other craft. The added value is obvious, and stands out due to its unfamiliar beauty – especially in our fast-paced and digital era. In today’s Newsletter, you can find out which folia® items you can use to extend and adapt your product range. Read more

10. January 2018
Spring has sprung – Part 2

First of all, we would like to wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and very much hope that you have arrived safe and sound in 2018! In our last Newsletter, we mainly kept you up to date on our spring/Easter season products. Today we would like to pick up where we left off in order to present you with further creative companions for the creation of fresh spring decorations. With approximately 6,000 items, we offer a wealth of products which fit every season and which you are sure to love. Read more

19. December 2017
Spring is here!

We provide a multitude of products which fit to every season, totalling around 6,000 items. In today’s newsletter, we would like to present you and your customers with a creative selection to leave you optimally prepared to start the spring with folia®. Read more

13. October 2017
Insights-X 2017 – A successful show and a host of new innovations from folia®

The third edition of Insights-X, the trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery, was held from 5th-8th October 2017 in Nuremburg. It was also a great opportunity for us to meet interested visitors, customers, bloggers and the press. Insights-X is becoming a growing platform for the entire sector, and provides numerous opportunities for players in the industry to discuss the latest trends and products. Read more

11. September 2017
Article for Halloween – scary enjoyment with folia®

It’s not just the little ones who look forward to Halloween! This celebration has meanwhile also achieved high popularity amongst adults. Creative Halloween parties are organised with much effort, and of course the matching decorations are essential. Discover more about our Halloween product range in our Newsletter today. Read more

02. August 2017
O’zapft is! (Tapped!) Creative handcraft articles for the Oktoberfest

Every year, the world’s largest Volksfest (fair) takes place in Munich, and millions of visitors from all over the world besiege the beer tents. Today, we are presenting you with selected products concerning the topic of the Oktoberfest and matching decorations. Each year, there is lots of hype around the Oktoberfest, and you can provide your customers with a wonderful selection using our articles for this event. Read more

20. June 2017
New crochet animals from folia®: unicorn and dragon landing

The popularity of crochet has grown steadily over the past few years, and “amigurumi” (the Japanese art of knitting small, stuffed creatures) in particular provides customers with lots of fun and boosts creativity. Our product development team has produced two new designs we would like unveil in today’s newsletter. Read more

13. June 2017
Save the date: Insights-X in Nuremberg, 5th-8th October, 2017

We made our successful debut at the new trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery: Insights-X in Nuremberg last year. We will, of course, be exhibiting again this year, and this is a little reminder to mark the date on your calendar with a big cross! Read more

30. May 2017
Food-safe paper bags in natural colours – now available from folia®

Gift wrapping and packaging is becoming increasingly important as it is an essential part of the entire presentation of the item, and this is why our customers value our wide variety of packaging solutions and paper bags. We have expanded our offer with food-safe paper bags in natural colours, and you can read more in today’s newsletter. Read more

28. April 2017
Everything for school – a creative start with folia®

It is almost that time of year again, and the first school day is just around the corner for our little beginners. An exciting experience for both children and parents! At folia®, we offer a variety of creative products for this day and for subsequent school life. Read more

08. March 2017
Discover creative innovations – The 2017 Catalogue by folia® is now online!

Year after year, our own creative department puts many innovations onto the market. From the initial idea through to development, right up to market maturity - at folia®, all these processes are professionally integrated under one roof. Today we would like to present to you our 2017 Catalogue, and wish you lots of fun leafing through it! Read more

07. February 2017
The New Image Film about folia® is Online Now

We are delighted to be able to show you the new image film about our company, the manufacture, and the people behind our products. You will be able to see all this for yourself now and we hope you will enjoy watching it.Best wishes,Your folia® Team Read more

07. December 2016
Valentine's Day and Carnival in 2017

February of 2017 has come around again and it is associated with creative surprises: especially those two special highlights at home which are Valentine's day and Carnival. We would like to show you today how you can optimally prepare for both events. Read more

19. September 2016
New Motive/Subjects and Designs – Bascetta Stars by folia®

Christmas, and especially the Christmas season, is already making itself visible, and it heralds the arrival of the final third of the year. In Germany, Lebkuchen (gingerbread) are being sold again and people are gradually getting into the Christmas spirit more and more. Today, we want to introduce to you our new Bascetta star with brilliant creative designs in a variety of colours. We hope you enjoy reading today's newsletter. Read more

10. August 2016
Halloween with folia® – creative and spooky decorations for young and old!

Year upon year, the thrill of Halloween knows no bounds! There are so many Halloween parties, and those who want to create spooky decorations for their own four walls cannot do better than to take a good look at our great selection of folia® articles. In this newsletter, we tell you more! Read more

28. July 2016
Innovations and creative products – MAX BRINGMANN KG at Insights-X

Trade fair visits are ideal opportunities to get a feel for what your own industry is doing, what trends are emerging, what innovations are capturing people’s imaginations and where you can go in the upcoming year. We are therefore very much looking forward to attending the PBS trade fair Insights-X in Nuremberg this autumn (06-09.10.2016) as an exhibitor with a large stand. Read more about it in today’s newsletter! Read more

23. June 2016
Lantern kits from folia® – new creative designs to delight young and old

Saint Martin was very popular even while he was alive because he was seen as charitable. The 11th of November, St Martin's Day, is the anniversary of his burial and every year our children proudly present their home-made lanterns as they sing their way through the streets together.We'd like to use today's newsletter to present our latest lantern crafting kits with our modern and creative designs. You might just be surprised! Read more

31. May 2016
New creative block for you to colour in and relax

Relaxing by colouring in is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. What used to be merely something to keep children occupied is today becoming a real hobby for adults, too. Discover more on this topic in our Newsletter. Read more

11. April 2016
Coloured paper and card from folia® in new trend colours

When it comes to using our papers you can count on the highest quality and international certifications such as the PEFC certificate or the Blue Angel. We already offer our papers (coloured papers and cards) in a wide palette of different colours and sizes – and now you can enjoy an even greater choice of colours in the range! Find out more in our latest newsletter. Read more

15. March 2016
Wrapping your own creative gifts with love

Home-made gifts are always a special way to express how much you care for someone. For example, you might lovingly create cookies, muffins, chocolates, sweets and much more besides to give to your nearest and dearest. Today we would like to present a few of our latest products around this subject. Dive into our colourful, creative world! Read more

15. February 2016
Review of Frankfurt trade fair, in-house fair, news, Insights-X and website

Ahead of Creativeworld 2016 we reported on the improvements we had made to our exhibition stand in order to be able to present our products to our customers but above all to be able to present our latest products even more attractively. Now the fair is over and the conclusion is that this year's Creativeworld was a very positive experience!We would like to thank all visitors to our stand and all those who visited our in-house exhibition in Wendelstein most sincerely for their time! We really enjoyed the face-to-face meetings we were able to have as well as the positive feedback we received. If you missed these opportunities then we recommend that you take a look at our New Products Catalogue 2016.We have included a few impressions of Creativeworld 2016 and our new stand design. Read more

16. December 2015
Happy Christmas - trade fair information

Former president of the United States of America, Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929), summed it up pretty well when he said, "Christmas is not a time or a season but a state of mind. To cherish peace and good will, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas." It's exactly this that we would like to wish you for the upcoming celebrations and the start of the New Year. We hope that you and your families find time for reflection and have a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year. We would also like to thank you most sincerely for the confidence which you have shown in us in 2015 and look forward to sharing projects with you over the coming year. Read more

03. December 2015
Office supplies from folia® – always a good choice

The old year is drawing slowly but surely to a close and the focus is now on Christmas and seeing out 2015. However we would like to take this opportunity to turn your thoughts to the time after the Christmas holidays. Start the new year well organised and well supplied – with office supplies from folia®! Find out more in today's newsletter. Read more

29. October 2015
Creative wrapping for Christmas – seasonal delights with added value and style

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, the message is clear all up and down the land – Christmas is not far away! We'd like to use this newsletter to present a few creative ideas from folia® that are absolute essentials for your pre-Christmas supplies. Read more

25. September 2015
Stretch’n’Roll from folia® – creative braiding and knotting – intelligent set solutions and colourful selection

With Stretch’n’Roll®, you can effortlessly design wonderful bracelets and necklaces yourself. Combine our different coloured bands, beads and charms and create an individual world of jewellery for every taste – whether cheerfully playful or stylishly elegant – folia® offers you a wide selection which leaves nothing to be desired. Read more