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Certified quality, safety and sustainability

You can depend on us

Quality and safety are more important than ever on an increasingly large and complex market. Max Bringmann is committed to ensuring that our products comply with leading safety and certification standards – so that you can rely on established Bringmann quality: safe play and creative fun for all ages.

folia® product certificates:

LGA-tested certificate for our complete range

Proof of specific product characteristics and compliance with statutory requirements

The established LGA-tested certificate stands for tested and monitored product safety and defined quality. It increases consumer acceptance and creates consumer trust. The following aspects are just some of those examined and monitored as part of certification: device and product safety, Toy Safety Directive requirements, chemical composition (for compliance with bans and restrictions on certain chemicals) and environmental requirements (disposal). Ongoing monitoring by the LGA ensures compliance with statutory requirements the LGA makes unannounced visits to take samples from current production, which are then tested down to the last detail in accordance with the applicable standards. This means we can guarantee consistently high quality and safety for users of our products. The LGA is the leading test body for toy testing in Europe, and together with its parent company TÜV Rheinland is amongst the largest and most respected testing and certification organisations in the world.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate

The non-governmental FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) was founded as a reaction to the Agenda 21 of the Global CONFERENCE for the Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It advocates the improvement of global forest management in terms of greater sustainability under ecological, social and economic aspects. For this purpose, it has developed extensive standards and a globally-standardised certification system with its own trademark, the so-called FSC® Label. So that FSC® certified papers can be marketed as such, all the companies over the entire “processing chain” of the wood must be gaplessly certified, from the forest to the finished product. Products with the FSC® Label actively contribute towards the sustainable management of forests across the world. You can find further information regarding FSC® on the web under

Please note our FSC® certificated products (FSC® C114442).


The Blue Angel

For ecological purchase decisions

The Blue Angel is one of the first and oldest environmental awards in the world. The symbol can only be used by brands that have passed a strict certification process in which specific environmental criteria are tested. Our paper products with the Blue Angel seal are produced from recycled rather than virgin fibre paper. This protects forests, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, cuts water consumption and reduces wastewater contamination. The products also comply with key statutory provisions on contaminants and are therefore classified as “safe”. Blue Angel products meet children’s toy safety requirements [“Sicherheit von Kinderspielzeug”].


PEFC certificate

Sustainable use of resources and an active contribution to forest protection

Our PEFC-certified paper comes from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forests and recycled materials. In other words, trees are not removed faster than they can grow – areas felled are replanted, and the forests remain a safe habitat for plants and animals. You can be sure that the timber we use comes from legal sources. Strict health and safety standards apply to all forestry work. The rights of the people whose livelihoods depend on the forest (for example wood farmers and indigenous groups in South America) are also respected and protected. Certification examines the entire wood processing chain from the forest to the finished product to ensure that the wood comes from a sustainable source. PEFC has over 240 million hectares of certified forest around the world and is the largest independent sustainable forest management organisation globally.


BSCI – Responsibility for fair production and working conditions

The process of internationalisation causes more and more companies to move their production abroad. Doing so gives us great responsibility for the areas of risk management, social security and corporate ethics, as we have to ensure that our suppliers have a responsible relationship with environmental and human resources. It is the declared aim of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) to promote the creation of socially acceptable production conditions in companies. Using the instrument of a BSCI audit, we take visible and verifiable steps to ensure fair working conditions and health and safety at work in our supplier countries, thus gaining the trust not only of customers and consumers but also business partners and their staff. At the same time we avoid costly multiple audits and establish an excellent starting position..


Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Achieving ambitious goals through systematic procedures and certification acc. DIN ES ISO 9001:2015
The success of folia® is based on more than 50 years of innovative force in a family-run company. From this, we derive the highest quality standards for ourselves and our products. The certification in accordance with DIN ES ISO 9001:2015 represents a further important component for increased quality, safety, transparency and customer satisfaction. In this way, we are progressing along a course which we have consistently developed for years, as our aspiration is to continuously improve our processes and procedures.

Determination of customer satisfaction
Max Bringmann KG has committed itself to convince its customers through competence, service and product quality and to orientate itself in future even more towards their requirements. In order to guarantee that customer expectations are completely fulfilled, an analysis of customer satisfaction has been conducted for the first time. Numerous business partners have taken advantage of this customer satisfaction analysis to express themselves openly on our service and the quality of our products. Of course, we also want to inform you about the results. Therefore, you can obtain information here. Result of the Customer Satisfaction Analysis 2018.