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Hooray for sports

Local support and promotion of associations

We support the expansion and further development of regional sports, and have assisted with several projects here over the past years.

HC Erlangen

Handball is a fast-moving and creative sport enjoyed by many of our colleagues. HC Erlangen as a relatively new team has now arrived in the federal handball league, and we support the club with active perimeter advertising.

TSV Fischbach-Nuremburg

Several of our colleagues actively play football for the TSV Fischbach-Nuremberg. The club is currently in the district league Nuremburg/Frankenhöhe 2. We support the club as the football shirt and material sponsor and actively promote their youth work.

Club Friends for the 1st FC Nuremburg

The 1st FC Nuremberg is the traditional club of our region, and we commit ourselves, together with other companies, within the scope of the Club Friends scheme for the promotion of youth work and other social projects.

Tour de Jumelage

Cycling is a great passion amongst our Management. In 2016, on the occasion of the 15-year anniversary of the tri-municipal town partnership with Żukowo (Poland) and Saint Junien (France), a group from Wendelstein and Żukowo cycled to France in order to celebrate there together. We catered for uniform cycling gear and provided the layout and materials required.

TSV Wendelstein

Our headquarters is located in Wendelstein, and for this reason we are highly committed to the promotion of this local club. We not only have a location in Wendelstein, but are also closely linked with the town.